Yancey Boys
Yancey Boys
Studio album by Illa J


4 November 2008


1995-1998 (production), 2008 (vocals) at Yancey Boys Studio (Los Angeles, California)


Hip hop


Delicious Vinyl


J Dilla, Stacey Kim (co-exec.), Michael Ross (exec.)

Illa J chronology


Illa J EP (2007)


4 Past Midnite (2010)

Yancey Boys is the debut studio album by American rapper Illa J, released in 2008 on Delicious Vinyl. The album features production from his late brother J Dilla, which were created from 1995 to 1998 during Dilla's tenure with Delicious Vinyl and given to Illa J by Delicious Vinyl founder Michael Ross. Recording sessions for Illa J's vocals took place at Yancey Boys Studio in Los Angeles in 2008. 

Although not reaching any Billboard charts, the album received generally positive reviews from music critics. Most reviews praised J Dilla's production work, but dismissed Illa J's own performance "as the most disposable part of his own debut album"[1] and "the backseat on this album".[2]

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by J Dilla.

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Time
1. "Timeless" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:14
2. "We Here" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 4:10
3. "R U Listening?" Illa J, Guilty Simpson Simpson, Yancey, Yancey 4:18
4. "Alien Family" Frank Nitt Bush, Yancey 2:17
5. "Strugglin'" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:23
6. "Showtime" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:45
7. "Swagger" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:33
8. "Mr. Shakes" - Crockett 4:25
9. "DFTF" Illa J, Affion Crockett Crockett, Yancey, Yancey 4:25
10. "All Good" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:05
11. "Sounds Like Love" Illa J, Debi Nova Kader, Yancey, Yancey 3:25
12. "Everytime" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 4:32
13. "Illasoul" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:47
14. "Air Signs" Illa J Yancey, Yancey 3:25


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