What More Can I Say?
What More Can I Say?
Studio album by Audio Two


17 February 1988




Hip hop




First Priority/Atlantic


Audio Two, Daddy-O, The King of Chill

Audio Two chronology


I Don't Care: The Album (1990)

What More Can I Say? is the debut album by hip hop duo Audio Two, released in 1988 by First Priority Music. The album was produced by Audio Two, Daddy-O and The King of Chill of Alliance. The album only found moderate success, making it to #45 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It is best known for its single, "Top Billin'", which has been sampled for its drum pattern by over a hundred songs.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Top Billin'" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two, Daddy-O 2:52
2. "What More Can I Say?" Bolton, Robinson, Robinson Daddy-O 4:39
3. "When the 2 Is on the Mic" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 3:19
4. "I Like Cherries" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 3:51
5. "I Don't Care" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 4:04
6. "Giz Starts Buggin'" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 3:08
7. "Make It Funky" Bolton, Robinson, Robinson Daddy-O 5:02
8. "Hickeys Around My Neck" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 3:49
9. "Put It 2 Music" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two 1:10
10. "Top Billin' (Instrumental)" Robinson, Robinson Audio Two, Daddy-O 3:00
11. "The Questions" Byrd, Robinson, Robinson Audio Two, The King of Chill 3:01

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