Untranslated Prescriptions
Untranslated Prescriptions
Compilation album by Tribal Music Inc.




Hip hop






Topspin, Vitamin D

Untranslated Prescriptions is a 1995 compilation album by artists on the Tribal Music Inc. label. Produced entirely by Topspin of Sinsemilla and Tribal founder Vitamin D, the album serves as the debut of Tribal artists Ghetto Chilldren, Sho Nuff, Infinite, Phat Mob, Sinsemilla, and Union of Opposites, amongst others. It was released on cassette and had a limited pressing within the Seattle area.

Track listingEdit

Songs produced by Vitamin D and Topspin.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Gett Off Me Intro" Culture Born 1:36
2. "I Wanna Win" Ghetto Chilldren, Truth 4:57
3. "93-94" Infinite, Taj 4:44
4. "Confrontations" Sinsemilla 4:14
5. "P.H.A.T." Phat Mob 5:23
6. "Retrospect" Sho Nuff 3:24
7. "Elevation" Ghetto Chilldren 5:17
8. "Intro" - 0:51
9. "Don't Think About It" Sinsemilla 5:01
10. "Leave Me Alone" - 1:15
11. "She Wants Me" Phat Mob 4:34
12. "Oh! (Interlude)" - 0:33
13. "Shapelee Utopia" Sho Nuff, Vitamin D 5:38
14. "Enter the Cipher" Union of Opposites 4:08
15. "I'm an MC" Ghetto Chilldren 5:25
16. "Shante's Last Stand" - 2:08

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