"The Symphony"
The Symphony
Song by Marley Marl featuring Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane from In Control, Volume 1








Hip hop


Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros.


D. Clear, C. Curry, A. Hardy, M. Williams, N. Wilson


Marley Marl

"The Symphony" is a song by American hip hop record producer Marley Marl, and featuring fellow Juice Crew members Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. The song was released in 1988 as a single and also appeared on Marley Marl's album In Control, Volume 1. According to Masta Ace, MC Shan was supposed to perform on the song, but due to his success at the time, he told Marley that "he felt like he was belittling himself to be on a record these new dudes". Masta Ace, who made his recording debut with the song's opening verse, was not supposed to be on the song at all, and only recorded his verse when the other rappers were hesitant to record first. 

The song is considered one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time, in addition to one of the most well-known posse cuts ever recorded. 

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