The Skills Dat Pay da Bills
The Skills Dat Pay da Bills
Studio album by Positive K


3 November 1992




Hip hop






Jazzy Jay, Laz-E-Laz, LG, Jim Nice, Rich Lord, Silver D, Dave Thomas, Shawn Thomas, Vance Wright

The Skills Dat Pay da Bills is the debut studio album by American rapper Positive K, released in 1992 on Island Records. The album was produced by a group of relatively unknown and upcoming producers (with exception of DJ Jazzy Jay and Big Daddy Kane), and has only one guest appearance, performed by Grand Daddy I.U..

The album peaked at #168 on the Billboard 200, and #50 on the Top R&B/HIp-Hop Albums charts.  Despite positive reviews by critics of the album, it is best remembered for the hugely successful "I Got a Man" and Positive K is often referred to as a one-hit wonder. It remains as Positive K's last album. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro (Pos K Theme)" - - Vance Wright 0:57
2. "Pass the Mic" Positive K Gibson Silver D 4:46
3. "One 2 the Head" Positive K Gibson, Henderson Jazzy Jay, Shawn Thomas (co.) 4:10
4. "Shakin'" Positive K Gibson Shawn Thomas 5:00
5. "How the F*?#! Would You Know" Positive K Gibson, Modeliste, Neville, Noncentelli, Porter Shawn Thomas 5:13
6. "Carhoppers" Positive K Gibson LG 4:12
7. "Nightshift" Positive K Farmer, Gibson, Hardy, Lewis, Lewis Big Daddy Kane 4:10
8. "Intro (Back the F*?#! Up)" - Gibson Dave Thomas 1:08
9. "I Got a Man" Positive K Bautista, Gibson, Johnson, Miller Shawn Thomas 3:50
10. "Ain't No Crime" Positive K Gibson Jim Nice 6:07
11. "The Shout Out" Positive K Gibson Shawn Thomas 2:37
12. "Friends" Positive K Gibson Rich Lord 4:52
13. "Minnie the Moocher" Positive K, Grand Daddy I.U. Gibson Laz-E-Laz 4:11
14. "Nightshift (Remix)" Positive K Farmer, Gibson, Hardy, Lewis, Lewis Silver D 4:40
15. "A Flower Grows in Brooklyn" Positive K Gibson Shawn Thomas 4:07
16. "It's All Over" Positive K Gibson Shawn Thomas 4:52

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