The Most Blunted
The Most Blunted
Studio album by Scientifik






Hip hop, underground hip hop




Don Corleone Entertainment, Traffic Entertainment Group


Rhythm Nigga Joe

The Most Blunted is the second album by American rapper Scientifik, first released posthumously in 1998. It was recorded in 1992 and is either a demo tape or an unreleased debut album. The album was unofficially released by Don Corleone Entertainment in 1998, and then reprinted by Traffic Entertainment Group in 2006.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Scientifik. All songs produced by Rhythm Nigga Joe. All songs written by D. Behrmann and J. Mansfield.

No. Title Time
1.  "I Used To Know Ya" 4:31
2. "Bitch I Don't Need Ya" 4:04
3. "Slicka Picka Upper" 3:53
4. "I'm Taking Your Girl" 3:51
5. "It's Murda Son" 3:29
6. "I Ain't The Damn One" 3:25
7. "The Most Blunted" 3:20
8. "Hardcore Love" 3:45
9. "It's On" 3:46
10. "Disco Tech" 3:30

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