The Aftermath
The Aftermath
Studio album by Da Youngsta's


20 April 1993


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop






118th Street Productions, The Beatnuts, DJ Premier, Ann Goodman (exec.), Lawrence Goodman (also exec.), Qur'an Goodman, Marley Marl, Pete Rock

Da Youngsta's chronology


Somethin 4 da Youngsta's (1992)


No Mercy (1994)

The Aftermath is the second studio album by American hip hop group Da Youngsta's, released in 1993 on EastWest Records America. Released one year after their debut Somethin 4 da Youngsta's, the album has a notably more aggressive and edgy tone compared to their first album. It also features a wider array of producers, including DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, The Beatnuts and Naughty by Nature (as 118th Street Productions), as well as Lawrence Goodman, who produced the entirety of the group's debut, and group member Qur'an Goodman.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Da Youngsta's, except for "Who's the Mic Wrecka", featuring Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth.

No. Title Producer(s) Time
1. "The Aftermath" Qur'an Goodman 0:27
2. "Wild Child" The Beatnuts 3:54
3. "Iz U wit Me" Pete Rock 3:59
4. "Handle This" 118th Street Productions 3:03
5. "Crewz Pop" 118th Street Productions 2:57
6. "Lyrical Stick Up Kids" Marley Marl 4:33
7. "Who's the Mic Wrecka" Pete Rock 5:07
8. "Count It Off" Lawrence Goodman 2:17
9. "Honeycomb Hide Out" The Beatnuts 4:41
10. "Da Hood" Qur'an Goodman 3:55
11. "It'z Natural" The Beatnuts 2:54
12. "Rip a Rhyme" Marley Marl 3:29
13. "Wake Em Up" DJ Premier 3:37
14. "Shout It Out" Qur'an Goodman, Tarik Dawson (co.) 1:50

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