Tengo Sabor is a 2001 rumba album by Christian group Orquesta Querubin.

Donde Esteran

While not all their songs are rap, there is rap on 2 songs - "Mi Morada" (briefly) and "Abre Tu Corazon," an actual rap song, but without beats, so in many ways this is rumba-rap.

Track listing

  1. Esperante
  2. Seamos Differente
  3. Mi Decision
  4. Abre Tu Corazon
  5. Tengo Sabor
  6. Eres Fiel
  7. Mi Morada
  8. Yo Adoro Asi
  9. Donde Esteran

Note: this group is composed of black people from Puerto Rico, some of who are directly of African immigrant ancestry and consider themselves black.

Contrary to idiocy, black people who live in South/Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba do consider themselves black, and will get mad if you are racist to them.

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