Soul Intent
Soul Intent
Soul Intent in 1991

Also known as

Bassmint Productions


Detroit, Michigan, United States


Hip hop

Years active



Bassmint Productions (1990-1992)
Mashin' Duck (1995)

Past members

Soul Intent was an American hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan, formed by producers Jeff and Mark Bass. The group had previously existed as Bassmint Productions with members Eminem (then known as M&M), Mannix, Chaos Kid (then known as Cha Kid) and DJ Buttafingaz, and released the EPs Bassmint ProductionsSteppin' on to the Scene and Soul Intent in 1990. The group later changed its name to Soul Intent when Champtown joined. Soul Intent released the EP Still in the Bassmint in 1992 and the single "F#@!in' Backstabber" in 1995.

After the group's dissolution, Eminem embarked on an internationally successful solo career. Chaos Kid committed suicide in 2011. Champtown released an EP and two singles in the 1990s. 


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