Smooth Assassin
Smooth Assassin
Studio album by Grand Daddy I.U.


16 October 1990




Hip hop


Cold Chillin'/Reprise/Warner Bros.


Biz Markie, Cutmaster Cool V

Grand Daddy I.U. chronology


Lead Pipe (1994)

Smooth Assassin is the debut album by American rapper Grand Daddy I.U., released in 1990 on Cold Chillin' Records. The album was produced in its entirety by Biz Markie, and was co-produced by Cutmaster Cool V. 

The album peaked at #91 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Grand Daddy I.U. All songs produced by Biz Markie and co-produced by Cutmaster Cool V.

No. Title Time
1. "The U Is Smooth" 5:00
2. "Pick Up the Pace" 4:22
3. "Something New" 4:49
4. "I Kick Ass" 5:05
5. "Mass Destruction" 3:58
6. "Gals Dem So Hot" 4:40
7. "Girl in the Mall" 4:47
8. "Kay Cee Is Nasty" 1:56
9. "Nobody Move" 4:27
10. "Dominos" 4:24
11. "Behind Bars" 4:29
12. "Soul Touch" 4:16
13. "This Is a Recording" 5:12
14. "Sugar Free" 5:01
15. "Phuck 'Em Up U" 2:27
16. "Sugar Free" 4:58
17. "Shout Outs" 2:42

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