Scratch film

Directed by

Doug Pray

Produced by

Brad Blondheim, Ernest Meza


See interviews section


Robert Bennett

Editing by

Doug Pray

Distributed by

Palm Pictures

Release date


Running time

92 min.





Scratch is a 2001 documentary film on DJing, directed and edited by Doug Pray. The film follows DJing from the birth of hip hop music, when pioneering DJs began extending the breaks on their party records, to the invention of scratching and beat juggling vinyl, to its more recent explosion as a musical movement called turntablism. The documentary begins with Grand Wizzard Theodore explaining how he first created scratching. Throughout the documentary, several hip hop artists explain how they were introduced to the field of hip hop and DJing while providing stories and anecdotes of their personal experiences.


The films progresses primarily through the interviews and commentary by different DJs of the hip hop world. There is no narrator included in the film, with DJs describing their experiences with hip hop music used as a narration for the film instead. DJs and other interviewees featured in the film include:

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