Ruff Ryders Entertainment
Ruff Ryders Entertainment


1988 by Darin Dean, Joaquin Dean and Chivon Dean




Hip hop


New York City, New York, United States

Ruff Ryders Entertainment was an American vanity record label founded by Joaquin, Chivon and Darin Dean in 1988. Ryff Ryders initially became successful for managing DMX in the late 1990s. After DMX's rise in popularity, Ruff Ryders started their own imprint through Interscope Records, and had success with releases from Eve, The LOX, Drag-On, Cassidy and Jin. The Deans' nephew Swizz Beatz was the main producer for artists on the roster. 

In 2010, Joaquin and Darin Dean decided to revamp the brand through a new venture known as Ruff Ryders Indy, marking the end of Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

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