Ronnie M. Phillips
Ronnie M. Phillips

Birth name

Ronnie M. Phillips


16 April 1954


Los Angeles, California, United States


1 November 2003 (aged 49)


Hip hop


Record producer, CEO

Years active




Associated acts

Bloods & Crips, Damu Ridas, Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Ronnie Marlon Phillips (16 April 1954 - 1 November 2003), also known by his stage name Ronnie Ron and most commonly credited as Ronnie M. Phillips, was an American record producer and the founder of Dangerous Records. Phillips is responsible for organising the Bloods & Crips project, a collaboration of members from the two street gangs. The group recorded two albums in the early 1990s, both of which were co-produced and executive produced by Phillips. He additionally executive produced albums by Young Soldierz, Tweedy Bird Loc, Nationwide Rip Ridaz, Damu Ridas, NiNi X and Fo' Clips Eclipse. In 1993, he released the instrumental album Gangsta Boom (Sample Your Ass Off).

His output lessened after the dissolution of the Bloods & Crips and its affiliated projects.


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