Prone to Bad Dreams
Prone to Bad Dreams
Studio album by Point Blank




Hip hop, Southern hip hop






K-Rino, Pimp C, Point Blank, Triple 6

Point Blank chronology


Mad at the World (1994)

Prone to Bad Dreams is the debut studio album by American rapper Point Blank, released in 1992 by Bigtyme Recordz.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Point Blank" Point Blank Point Blank 4:19
2. "After I Die" Point Blank Point Blank 3:21
3. "Cut U n 1/2" Point Blank, UGK Pimp C 3:17
4. "Life Rep or Death" Point Blank Point Blank 4:32
5. "Straighten It Out" Point Blank Point Blank 6:14
6. "Knock Dem Hoes Out the Box" Point Blank K-Rino 3:09
7. "Wreckless" Point Blank, K-Rino Point Blank 3:53
8. "Bitch Said I Raped Her" Point Blank Point Blank 3:48
9. "Prone to Bad Dreams" Point Blank Triple 6 4:36
10. "Aggravated" Point Blank, Lord 3-2, Klondike Kat Point Blank 3:50
11. "Nuttin Ass Bitch" Point Blank, .38, Def Buzy, Dope E, Ganksta NIP, K-Rino, K.O., Trinetta, Triple 6 Point Blank 6:15
12. ""86" Dope "86"" - Point Blank 0:37

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