Power Ice-T
Studio album by Ice-T


13 September 1988


1987-1988 at Syndicate Studios West


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, gangsta rap, hardcore hip hop, conscious hip hop




Sire/Warner Bros.


Afrika Islam, Ice-T

Ice-T chronology


Rhyme Pays (1987)


The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say (1989)

Power is the second album by American rapper Ice-T, released in 1988 on Sire Records. The album produced the single "I'm Your Pusher", with the video getting Ice-T major airplay on MTV. Although the song is an anti-drug song, the song gained controversy as it was interpreted as having the opposite message. The album cover also received controversy upon its release, due to the provocative pose of Darlene Ortiz, Ice-T's girlfriend at the time.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Ice-T and Afrika Islam. All songs written and performed by Ice-T.

No.  Title Time
1.  "Intro" 1:11
2. "Power" 4:25
3. "Drama" 4:15
4. "Heartbeat" 4:08
5. "The Syndicate" 3:32
6. "Radio Suckers" 4:24
7. "I'm Your Pusher" 5:35
8.  "Personal" 3:43
9. "Girls L.G.B.N.A.F." 3:00
10. "High Rollers" 4:36
11. "Grand Larceny" 3:51
12. "Soul on Ice" 4:42
13. "Outro" 0:39

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