Birth name

Anthony Ian Berkeley

Also known as

The Grym Reaper, Tony Titanium


15 November 1964
Trinidad and Tobago


Long Island, New York, United States


15 July 2001 (aged 36)
Beverly Hills, California, United States


Hip hop



Years active


Associated acts

Gravediggaz, Too Poetic

Anthony Ian Berkeley (15 November 1964 - 14 July 2001), better known by his stage name Poetic, was a Trinidadian-born American rapper from Long Island, New York. He began his career as the frontman of the group Too Poetic, with whom he released the 1988 single "Poetical Terror", but the group's album Droppin' Signal was shelved before release. Berkeley re-emerged as a member of the Gravediggaz in 1993, and released three albums with the group. 

Berkeley died of colon cancer on 14 July 2001 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, five weeks before the release of the Gravediggaz' third album Nightmare in A-Minor, which was the last album he contributed to.

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