Plantation Rebellion
Plantation Rebellion
Studio album by K-Rino


24 September 2013


Hip hop


Black Book International


Anno Domini, Bobby Ruckus, Boss, DJ JVC, DeVaughn Gipson, Paragon, Psix, Sniper, Vango, YFP Productions

K-Rino chronology


theRAPeutic (2013)


Deprogrammed (2014)

Plantation Rebellion is the twenty-second studio album by American rapper K-Rino, released in 2013 on Black Book International. It was released on the same day as theRAPeutic.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Producer(s)
1. "Razor Sharp" DeVaughn Gipson
2. "Old and New" Paragon
3. "Alter Ego" Bobby Ruckus
4. "Seeing Thru Ya" Paragon
5. "Boys Be Lyin" Boss
6. "Plantation Rebellion" Paragon
7. "Us" DJ JVC
8. "Best She Could" Paragon
9. "The End" Paragon
10. "O.G. Salute" YFP Productions
11. "The Non Conformist" Paragon
12. "The Long Run" Sniper, Anno Domini
13. "Flip Side of Reality" Vango
14. "Flow Session Finale" Psix
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