Pep Love
Pep Love

Birth name

Pallo E. Peacock


17 July 1974 (age 42)
Jackson, Mississippi, United States


Oakland, California, United States


Hip hop



Years active



Jive/BMG, Hieroglyphics Imperium

Associated acts

Encore, Hieroglyphics, The Prose

Pallo E. Peacock (born 17 July 1974), better known by his stage name Pep Love, is an American rapper and member of the Hieroglyphics collective. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, he relocated with his family to Oakland, California as a teenager. In Oakland, he met producer Jay Biz, with whom he formed the duo The Prose in 1993. They were incorporated into Hieroglyphics in 1995, with Pep Love making several contributions to albums by the collective and other members of the group. 

Pep Love released his debut album, Ascension, in 2001, which was followed two years later by the outtakes album Ascension Side C. His second and latest album, Rigmarole, was released in 2012.


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