South Park, Houston, Texas, U.S.

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PSK-13 is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He is a member of the South Park Coalition, Screwed Up Click and the Wreckless Klan.

Closed Group PSK-13 is easily one of Houston's most talented MCs. Since 1994 he has been a mainstay on Houston's sizzling underground Hip-hop scene. A member of The Southpark Coaliton, Screwed Up Click and Wreckless Klan, respectively, PSK-13 has garnered respect and admiration from some of the industry's biggest acts including, Ice-T, Scarface, Bun B, Lil Troy, Z-Ro, Slim Thug and J-Dawg to name a few. His unique delivery and distinctive cadence make his verses easy to recognize on some of the South's best projects which includes appearances on Southside Groovin', June 27, Slipped Into a Coma and Master P's Down South Hustlers Compilation (RIAA Certified Platinum). In 1998, PSK-13 collaborated with Southern Royalty in the likes if UGK. The union produced "one of the South's best songs EVER", according to Dave Weiner, Director of A&R and Marketing at Priority Records. The song was entitled LIKE YESTERDAY and literally made PSK-13 a house hold name from Washington DC to California and everywhere in between. After much success from the single, PSK-13 became affixed to Houston's newest culture swing in that of DJ Screws music. Linking up with Screw was believed to be another career positive as the two agreed to release PAY LIKE YOU WEIGH but Screws untimely death put those aspirations aside. Left with a decision to make PSK-13 decided to finish the project with DJ Michael 5000 Watts which was a perfect decision. PAY LIKE YOU WEIGH 5000 sold more than 50k units and set PSK-13's self owned label NIGHTSHIFT MUZIK on a successful path. PSK-13 decided to take the Screw Culture to the next level by branding his NIGHTSHIIFT MUZIK label and releasing one of the most successful Trilogies of Screw Muzik to date, The Something To Lean series. The collaboration with upstart Beltway 8 Records was meant to be. The series did over 100K units and proved that PSK-13 was not only one of the hottest MCS in the South but we'll on his way to becoming one of the most succesful. In 2000 PSK-13 was recruited by Russell 'Bigtyme' Washington and UGK legendary Pimp C, to hold down a position in Pimp's new group effort, Trill Azz Niggas. After recording for a week in Atlanta, UGKs heavy workload and obligations to Jive Records, cut the project short but not before some songs were recorded. Although the album never reached a release date some of the songs have been leaked and are on popular mix tapes.

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