Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk
Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk
Studio album by 415


3 October 1991


1990-1991 at Starlight Sound (Richmond, CA) and Different Fur (San Francisco, CA)


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap






Broski, Kirk "Kickin' Kirk" Crumpler, D-Loc, DJ Daryl, J.E.D., Darrell Jackson (exec.)

415 chronology


41Fivin (1990)

Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk is the second album by American hip hop group 415, released in 1991 on Priority Records. The album is the group's first album on a major label, as their debut was released independently. Group member D-Loc serves as the main performer on this album, as other rapper Richie Rich was imprisoned during much of the production. 

The album reached #90 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. "Nuttin' but a Come Up" was the only song released as a single. It is the group's final album.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Time
1. "G-Spot Show" 0:49
2. "Nu Niggaz on tha Blokkk" 3:41
3. "415 Is the Code" 1:45
4. "Goin' Hard on a Bitch" 5:11
5. "Regina" 2:59
6. "Nu Release" 0:40
7. "T.Y.B.B." 3:01
8. "Make It or Break It" 3:01
9. "Poor Man's Dream" 3:44
10. "Ass Out" 0:28
11. "Givit Up Smooth" 3:22
12. "Gimme My Props" 3:53
13. "Court in tha Street (Remix)" 3:56
14. "True Definition" 0:41
15. "Lifestyle as a Gangsta" 2:55
16. "Tha Raid" 0:38
17. "Nuttin' but a Come Up" 3:04
18. "Ridin' High" 2:21

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