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Native Tongues
Native Tongues2

Also known as

Native Tongues Posse


New York City, New York, United States


Hip hop, alternative hip hop

Years active

Late 1980s-late 1990s

The Native Tongues was a collective of late 1980s and early 1990s hip hop artists known for their positive-minded, good-natured Afrocentric lyrics, and for pioneering the use of eclectic sampling and later jazz-influenced beats. Its principal members are the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. The collective is also closely tied to the Universal Zulu Nation.

Members & Music Groups Posdnuos Maseo Trugoy Q-Tip Ali Shaheed Muhammad Jarobi White Phife Dawg Dres Mista Lawnge Queen Latifah Afrika Baby Bam Mike G LL Cool J Big Pun Busta Rhymes Charile Brown Cut Monitor Milo Dinco D Ice Cube KRS-One Jay Z The Notorious B.I.G. Grand Puba Lord Jamar

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