Music to Driveby
Music to Driveby
Studio album by Compton's Most Wanted


29 September 1992


18 May - 9 June 1992 at Big Beat Soundlabs (Los Angeles) and Slip's X Factor Studios (Inglewood)


Hip hop






DJ Mike T, DJ Slip, Master Ric Roc, MC Eiht, Unknown (also exec.)

Compton's Most Wanted chronology


Straight Checkn 'Em (1991)


Represent (2000)

Music to Driveby is the third album by American hip hop group Compton's Most Wanted, released in 1992 on Orpheus Records. The album features gangsta rap themes centered around nihilism, hood life and participation in gangs. It is notable for the song "Hood Took Me Under", which was later featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and is considered a classic gangsta rap song. The album contains the Tim Dog diss "Who's Xxxxing Who?", as well as numerous shots at DJ Quik throughout.

Music to Driveby peaked at #66 on the Billboard 200, and #20 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. It has received positive reviews, and is often considered a classic gangsta rap album and Compton's Most Wanted's best work. After its release, frontman MC Eiht embarked on a solo career and released several solo albums (although his first two are credited to "MC Eiht featuring Compton's Most Wanted").

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - Tyler MC Eiht 0:20
2. "Hit the Floor" MC Eiht Allen, Tyler DJ Slip 1:49
3. "Hood Took Me Under" MC Eiht Bryant, Tyler DJ Mike T 3:39
4. "Jack Mode" MC Eiht Allen, Tyler DJ Slip 3:16
5. "Compton 4 Life" MC Eiht Simon, Tyler Master Ric Roc 3:18
6. "8 Iz Enough" MC Eiht Allen, Tyler DJ Slip 2:48
7. "Duck Sick II" MC Eiht Allen, Manuel, Tyler DJ Slip, Unknown 3:43
8. "Dead Men Tell No Lies" MC Eiht Allen, Tyler MC Eiht, DJ Slip 3:41
9. "N 2 Deep" MC Eiht, Scarface Allen, Hayes, Jordan, Tyler DJ Slip 3:51
10. "Who's Xxxxing Who?" MC Eiht Allen, Bryant, Tyler DJ Mike T, DJ Slip 1:47
11. "This Is a Gang" MC Eiht Allen, Tyler DJ Slip 3:37
12. "Hoodrat" MC Eiht Manuel, Tyler Unknown 3:56
13. "Niggaz Strugglin" MC Eiht Garson, Hillar, Simon, Tyler Master Ric Roc, MC Eiht 3:31
14. "I Gots to Get Over" MC Eiht Hudman, Johnson, Simon, Tyler Master Ric Roc, MC Eiht 3:36
15. "U's a Bitch" MC Eiht Manuel, Tyler Unknown 3:43
16. "Another Victim" MC Eiht Hayes, Manuel, Tyler Unknown 3:51
17. "Def Wish II" MC Eiht Manuel, Tyler Unknown 3:32
18. "Music to Driveby" MC Eiht Manuel, Tyler Unknown 3:31

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