Lyfe 'n' Tyme
Lyfe 'n' Tyme
Studio album by The B.U.M.S.


1 June 1995


Hip hop




Baka Boyz, Joe Quixx, King Tech (also exec.), Fredwreck Nassar, Sway (exec.)

Lyfe 'n' Tyme is the debut and only album by American hip hop duo The B.U.M.S., released in 1995 on Priority Records. Although the duo were from Oakland, California, the group present a more East Coast hip hop style with their vocals and production. 

Despite receiving positive reviews, the album was commercially unsuccessful and the duo did not release any additional music. In a recent review, Daevid Jehnzen of Allmusic states that "the crew shows great promise", and although "the production isn't imaginative and many of the tracks fall flat", they are "charismatic and talented enough to not make the album's flaws noticeable".[1]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Brothas Unda Madness (Insert)" - - 1:01
2. "Non-Stoppin' the Groove" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 4:02
3. "I Don't Know (Insert)" - - 0:22
4. "Wreck Your Ears (Can Do)" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 4:11
5. "Cup of Jokes (Insert)" - - 0:30
6. "Take a Look Around" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Fredwreck Nassar 4:29
7. "6 Figures and Up" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 4:48
8. "Flex uv a Finga" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 2:28
9. "Diggin' in the Crate (Insert)" - - 0:36
10. "Let the Music Take Your Mind" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 5:34
11. "Suck... (Insert)" - - 1:44
12. "Elevation (Free My Mind)" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 4:01
13. "Food for Thought (Insert)" - - 0:13
14. "West Coast Smash" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Baka Boyz 3:43
15. "Harry Joenick (Insert)" - - 0:14
16. "Lyfe 'n' Tyme" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist, Mystic Joe Quixx 4:46
17. "For My Brothas" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist Joe Quixx 4:42
18. "Wake Up (Insert)" - - 0:30
19. "Can You Do Without?" D-Wyze, E-Vocalist King Tech 3:24
20. "Who Gives You the Right (Insert)" - - 3:14


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