Lil Rob
Lil Rob

Birth name

Roberto L. Flores


21 September 1975 (age 41)


San Diego, California, United States


Hip hop, G-funk


Rapper, producer, actor

Years active



Familia (1997-2000)
Brown Market (1997)
Aries (1999)
Low Profile (2001)
Upstairs (2003-2009)
LR (2011-present)

Roberto L. Flores (born 21 September 1975), better known by his stage name Lil Rob, is a Mexican-American rapper, actor and producer from San Diego, California. In 1992, he made his debut under the name Lil Rob & The Brown Crowd, and released a single titled "Oh, What a Night in the 619". Though the song did not chart, it was featured on his debut album, Crazy Life, in 1997. Flores' chin was shattered when he was shot in the jaw at the age of 18. Later, he was shot in the eye.

Discography Edit

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