Lifers Group
Lifers Group


Rahway State Prison, New Jersey, United States


Hip hop, gangsta rap, hardcore hip hop

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Lifers Group were an American hip hop group that consisted of prisoners serving time at the Rahway State Prison in New Jersey. The objective of the group was to warn others about the reality of prison life, and the lives that they had lived prior to prison. The group consisted of nine lead emcees, and several other rappers and musicians. Members of the group served sentences of twenty five years to double life for crimes ranging from robbery to murder.

They released an EP titled #66064 in 1991 and an album titled Living Proof in 1993.


The nine lead emcees were:

  • Rocky D (#200394)
  • Basil "B-Wise" Al-Kudair (#200662)
  • Aleem (#207015)
  • Almighty L (#209021)
  • Knowledge Born Allah (#210748)
  • Tarell "Amazing G" Baker (#212238)
  • Nathan "Merciful" Moore (#212834)
  • Chuck X (#215476)
  • Original (#219625)

Other members of the group, such as back-up singers and musicians, were:

  • Muhammad (#51727)
  • Big Al (#55886)
  • Goldie Boone (#59119)
  • Tariq Commander (#59189)
  • Alonzo Evans (#61623)
  • "Crazy" Chris Deluise (#62098)
  • Alvin Marino (#63156)
  • Maxwell Melvins (#66064)
  • Horace Glenn (#68234)
  • Walter Simon (#69384)
  • July (#75307)
  • Kirk "Sadat" Walker (#76148)
  • Joseph Thomas (#78538)
  • Marvin "Peanut" Andrews (#78713)
  • Quadri Wallace (#213900)
  • Robert Hammond (#238455)


Studio albumsEdit


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