Intro to da Central
Intro to da Central
Studio album by Narcotik


16 October 1995


Hip hop




Tribal Music Inc.


DJ Topspin, Vitamin D

Intro to da Central is the debut and only album by American hip hop duo Narcotik, released in 1995 on Tribal Music Inc.. The only studio album released by the label, it features production work by labelmates DJ Topspin of Sinsemilla and Vitamin D. The album was only released on cassette and had a limited pressing, making it a rare and highly-sought after album. The album was released for free on Tribal's Bandcamp page with nine bonus tracks.[1]

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Narcotik, except for Track 5, performed by Narcotik and Infinite. All songs produced by DJ Topspin and Vitamin D.

No. Title Time
1. "Any Questions? (Prelude)" 1:42
2. "No Shorts" 4:32
3. "All the Time" 4:04
4. "'urlin in da Mornin'" 4:34
5. "Intro to da Central" 4:54
6. "Liquid Track (Freestyle Interlude)" 1:56
7. "Crushin' Crooz" 3:58
8. "Rap Styles Vary" 4:02
9. "Realitee (Narcotik Rithumz)" 4:19


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