Infamous Mobb
Infamous Mobb


Queensbridge, Queens, New York, United States


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, mafioso rap, hardcore hip hop

Years active




Associated acts

The Alchemist, Big Noyd, Mobb Deep


Past members

  • Twin Scarface (deceased)

Infamous Mobb is an American hip hop group from Queens, New York. The group currently consists of rappers Ty Nitty, Twin Gambino and Godfather: Pt. III. Gambino's twin brother Twin Scarface was a member of the group but was killed in a 1996 car crash.

The group are best known for their affiliation with fellow Queens group Mobb Deep. Infamous Mobb appeared in skits on Mobb Deep's 1995 album The Infamous, before having more prominent roles on Mobb Deep's Hell on Earth and Big Noyd's Episodes of a Hustla in 1996. Infamous Mobb have since released three studio albums.


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