Independent Leaders
Independent Leaders
Studio album by The New Style




Hip hop


Bon Ami/MCA


The New Style, Swing, Unique

The New Style chronology


Naughty by Nature (1991)

Independent Leaders is the debut album by American hip hop group Naughty by Nature (then known as The New Style), released in 1989 on Bon Ami Records. The album was predominantly produced by the group, with one song each produced by Swing and Unique. Its only single, "Scuffin' Those Knees", achieved moderate success. The group would later go onto much greater levels of success with their future albums. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Producer(s) Time
1. "Scuffin' Those Knees" The New Style 3:16
2. "Start Smokin'" The New Style 4:50
3. "Picture Perfect" Swing, The New Style (co.) 3:11
4. "Can't Win for Losing" The New Style 3:15
5. "Droppin' the Bomb" The New Style 3:18
6. "To the Extreme" The New Style 2:38
7. "Independent Leader" The New Style 4:26
8. "New vs. Style" The New Style 3:37
9. "Smooth Mood" Unique, The New Style (co.) 3:59
10. "Bring the Rock" The New Style 3:32

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