Iman Omari
Iman Omari
Omari in 2012

Birth name

Iman Omari

Also known as



28 November 1990 (age 26)
Compton, Los Angeles, California, United States


Los Angeles, California, United States


Hip hop, vibe


Singer, record producer, DJ

Years active



Iman Omari Music

Associated acts

Kendrick Lamar, Knxwledge, MoRuf, Ohbliv, OverDoz., THC

Iman Omari (born 28 November 1990) is an American singer, record producer and DJ from Los Angeles, California. Beginning as a producer for artists such as Kendrick Lamar and OverDoz., Omari was convinced to become his own artist by friends. He released his debut album, Energy, in 2011, which received positive reviews. He moved to New York in 2012, and met New Jersey-based rapper MoRuf, with whom he released the album Euphoria that same year. Omari released his second solo album, (Vibe)rations, in 2013, once again to positive reviews, which was followed by production credits for songs by OverDoz. and MoRuf. Omari now lives in Newark, New Jersey.

Omari labels his songs as "vibe music", which features heavy inspirations from jazz and funk. Influenced particularly by Stevie Wonder and J Dilla, Omari regularly utilises strings, trumpets and relaxing melodies in his production work. His singing topics predominantly consist of love and spirituality. Omari is currently working on another studio album, while also recording Euphoria 2 with MoRuf.  In 2016 Omari committed domestic violence against his girlfriend Brianna Latrise, the step daughter of Mary J. Blige and the biological daughter of Kendu Isaac. The aftermath of the abuse was played out on the reality tv show Growing Up Hip Hop.


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