Illegal Business?
Illegal Business?
Studio album by Mac Mall


12 July 1993


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop


Young Black Brotha


Brotha Luv, Ferg, Khayree (also exec.), Mac Dre

Mac Mall chronology


Untouchable (1996)

Illegal Business? is the debut studio album by American rapper Mac Mall, released in 1993 on Young Black Brotha Records. The album is produced almost entirely by Khayree, with contributions from Mac Dre, Ferg and Brotha Luv. Mac Dre also makes a guest appearance along with Ray Luv on the song "Pimp Shit". Mac Mall released the album at the age of sixteen.

Tupac Shakur was a big fan of the album, and directed the music video for the single "Ghetto Theme", which he also makes a guest appearance in. "Sic wit Tis" and "I Got's 2 Have It" were also released as singles. Illegal Business? failed to reach the Billboard 200, but peaked at #71 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Crest Side Playah" Mac Mall Khayree 2:06
2. "Sic wit Tis" Mac Mall Khayree, Ferg 4:40
3. "It's All Good" Mac Mall Khayree 4:45
4. "I Got's 2 Have It" Mac Mall Khayree 4:44
5. "Cold Sweat" Mac Mall Khayree 4:55
6. "Nathan but Game" Mac Mall Khayree 4:44
7. "Versatile" Mac Mall Mac Dre 4:19
8. "Crack da 40" Mac Mall Khayree 5:10
9. "Da Bank Heist" Mac Mall Khayree 4:43
10. "Don't Wanna See Me" Mac Mall Khayree 5:06
11. "Young n da Game" Mac Mall Khayree 4:50
12. "$$ on da Dank" Mac Mall Brotha Luv 4:36
13. "My Opinion" Mac Mall Khayree 4:04
14. "Illegal Business?" Mac Mall Khayree 5:39
15. "Ghetto Theme" Mac Mall Khayree 5:15
16. "Pimp Shit" Mac Mall, Mac Dre, Ray Luv Khayree 5:09

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