I Wish
I Wish
Studio album by Skee-Lo


27 June 1995


1994-1995 at Sunshine Studios (Hollywood, CA)


Hip hop






Walter "Kandor" Kahn, Skee-Lo

Skee-Lo chronology


I Can't Stop (2000)

I Wish is the debut studio album by American rapper Skee-Lo, released in 1995 on Sunshine Records. The album was produced by Skee-Lo and Walter "Kandor" Kahn, and features much live instrumentation while also utilising samples. A former participant of the alternative hip hop movement at the Good Life Cafe, Skee-Lo performs honest and often self-deprecating lyrics about everyday topics, which at the time was rare against the West Coast gangsta rap scene.

Three months prior to the album's release, Skee-Lo's debut single, also titled "I Wish", was released and quickly became a hit, peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. While the album only managed to reach #53 on the Billboard 200, the popularity of the single eventually led the album to achieve Gold status in late 1995. Due to "I Wish"'s popularity and Skee-Lo's inability to produce another song that was able to match its success, he is often considered a one-hit wonder. 

At the 1996 Grammy Awards, I Wish was nominated for Best Rap Album, while "I Wish" was nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance but both failed to win.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Skee-Lo, except for "Crenshaw", performed by Skee-Lo, Funke and Trend. All songs written by A. Roundtree, except for "Crenshaw", written by A. Roundtree, Funke and Trend. All songs produced by Walter "Kandor" Kahn and Skee-Lo.

No. Title Time
1. "Superman" 4:11
2. "I Wish" 4:11
3. "Never Crossed My Mind" 4:03
4. "Top of the Stairs" 4:32
5. "Come Back to Me" 3:27
6. "Waitin' for You" 3:27
7. "Holdin' On" 3:15
8. "You Ain't Down" 3:50
9. "Crenshaw" 3:54
10. "This Is How It Sounds" 3:25
11. "The Burger Song" 3:36
12. "I Wish (Bonus "Street" Mix)" 4:42

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