I Still Know How to Play'Em!
I Still Know How to Play'Em!!!
Studio album by O.G. Style




Hip hop


Zone Entertainment


Antonio (exec.), Mike B (also exec.), Nasir (exec.), O.G. Style (also exec.), Rob G

O.G. Style chronology


I Know How to Play 'Em! (1991)


Return of da Game (2004)

I Still Know How to Play'Em!!! is the second album by O.G. Style, released in 2001 on Zone Entertainment. It is O.G.'s first solo album, and the first album by O.G. Style in ten years. Former partner Big Boss makes an appearance on the song "Smoke It Up".

Track listingEdit

Produced by Mike B and O.G. Style.

No. Title Performer(s)
1. "Rain" O.G. Style, Sage
2. "Recognize da Real" O.G. Style
3. "Same Thang" O.G. Style
4. "Smoke Filled Room" O.G. Style, Fortune, Sage
5. "Ruckus" O.G. Style, Fortune, Jazzie Redd, Koo Rod
6. "Smoke It Up" O.G. Style, Big Boss, Ice Ike
7. "I Still Know How To Play'Em!!!" O.G. Style
8. "What?" O.G. Style
9. "Pussy Makes da World Go Round" O.G. Style, Ice Ike, Jazzie Redd
10. "Exposing da Game" O.G. Style
11. "Ghetto Swing" O.G. Style, Sage
12. "Don't Ask for What You Can't Take" O.G. Style

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