How Deep Is Your Hood
How Deep Is Your Hood
Studio album by Damu Ridas


10 November 1999




Hip hop






D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Ronnie M. Phillips (also exec.), Tweedy Bird Loc

Damu Ridas chronology


Damu Ridas (1995)

How Deep Is Your Hood is the second studio album by American hip hop group Damu Ridas, released in 1999 on Dangerous Records. The album introduces several additional members of the group, as the Damu Ridas' debut featured only six core rappers. It is produced by Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc, D. Fingaz and Leroy Dukes, the same team of producers that worked on the group's debut.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc, D. Fingaz and Leroy Dukes.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Kickin' Knowledge" - 2:31
2. "Young Active Brazy" B-Brazy 3:05
3. "Feel'n' Ya Man" B-Brazy, G"Len 3:18
4. "Young Dogs with No Muzzle" B-Brazy, Big Wy, Dogg, Green Eyes, Lil Leak, Red Rum 5:08
5. "Day in a Life" Big Wy, Dock-B, Green Eyes, Red Rum 3:53
6. "How Deep Is Your Hood" B-Brazy, Dock-B, Dogg, G"Len, Lil Leak, Red Rum 4:10
7. "Y'all Nigga's Know My Name" B-Brazy, G"Len, Green Eyes, Lil Leak 3:58
8. "Is Ya Bang'n' or What?" B-Brazy, Green Eyes, Lil Leak 3:54
9. "All About Money" B-Brazy, Dogg, Green Eyes, Lil Leak 4:01
10. "Darby M-Fuck'n' Park" Green Eyes 3:35
11. "104% No Kut" Lil Hawk 5:37
12. "Blood: Y'all Active" - 1:45
13. "I Ain't from Africa" Lil Hawk 3:04
14. "Blood: It's on for Life" - 1:58
15. "Get Yo Money" B-Brazy 3:07
16. "Niggas & Bitches" B-Brazy, Dogg 3:49
17. "Give It Up" B-Brazy, Dock-B, Dogg, G"Len, Lil Leak 3:51
18. "Ride Again" Dock-B, Green Eyes 3:52
19. "Fuck All Y'all" Lil Ms. China, Lil Hawk 4:21

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