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Haiku D'Etat album
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Pure Hip Hop, Inc.


Adrian Burley

Haiku D'Etat chronology


Coup de Theatre (2004)

Haiku D'Etat is the debut album by American hip hop group Haiku D'Etat, released in 1999 on Pure Hip Hop, Inc. The album is the first full-length collaboration between members Mikah 9, Aceyalone and Abstract Rude, who had all previously been featured on each other's albums. 

The album received critical acclaim from critics, particularly for the rappers' advanced lyricism. It received a repressing in 2004 with a slightly different track listing.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Adrian Burley.

No. Title Time
1. "Haiku D'Etat" 4:00
2. "Non Compos Mentis" 4:19
3. "Studio Street Stage" 4:52
4. "Los Dangerous" 5:27
5. "Pro Tool Robots" 3:13
6. "Wants vs Needs" 4:08
7. "S.O.S." 4:29
8. "Firecracker" 4:48
9. "Still Rappin'" 4:53
10. "Other MC's" 4:03
11. "West Side Slip n' Slide" 2:17
12. "Kaya" 7:17
13. Untitled 18:45

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