Ghetto Dreams
Ghetto Dreams
Studio album by Fat Pat


17 March 1998




Hip hop






Double D, Noke D, Prowler, Solo, Slash, Swift

Fat Pat chronology


Throwed in da Game (1998)

Ghetto Dreams is the debut studio album by American rapper Fat Pat, released on the 17th of March 1998 by Wreckshop Records

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Am I a Playa" Fat Pat Double D 3:10
2. "Body Roc" Fat Pat, Big Steve Double D 5:39
3. "Peep N' Me" Fat Pat, Lil' Keke, Ronnie Spencer Double D 3:40
4. "3rd Coast" Fat Pat, C-Note Solo 4:29
5. "Reality" Fat Pat Prowler 4:34
6. "Superstar" Fat Pat, Mike D Swift 4:23
7. "I'm Tha Man" Fat Pat, Pymp Tyte Noke D 3:36
8. "Ghetto Dreams" Fat Pat Noke D 5:36
9. "Why They Hatin' Us" Fat Pat, Double D Double D 4:03
10. "Pymp Tyte" Pymp Tyte Noke D 3:29
11. "Tha Last Man Standin'" Fat Pat Double D 4:05
12. "Tops Drop" Fat Pat Slash 4:12
13. "Do U Like What U See" Fat Pat, Big Pokey, Double D Double D 4:32
14. "5X" Pymp Tyte Noke D 5:17
15. "Friends We Know" Fat Pat, C-Blount Solo 4:25
16. "Missing Our G's" Fat Pat, Double D, Big Hawk, Big Moe Double D 6:05

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