Fear of a Mixed Planet
Fear of a Mixed Planet
Studio album by Shock G




Hip hop




33rd Street


Chris Clay, D-Sharp, Metaphysical, Marc Rosenberg, Shock G, Scott Thomas (exec.)

Fear of a Mixed Planet is the debut solo album by American hip hop musician Shock G, released in 2004 on 33rd Street Records. Several Digital Underground members feature on the album, including Money-B and Shock G's alter ego Humpty Hump. It received very little promotion, as no music videos or singles were released and subsequently did not end up on any Billboard charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Keep it Beautiful" Shock G, Keith Porter Figgs, Husbands, Jacobs, Porter Shock G 3:29
2. "Cherry Flava'd Email" Shock G, Fifth Element, Ant D.O.G., Clev MC, Delina Dream Brocks, Davis, Figgs, Jacobs, Rosenberg, Stanton, Whitson Marc Rosenberg 3:57
3. "Weesom Hustlas" Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money-B Bell, Brooks, Jacobs, Sermon, Smith, Smith Shock G 4:47
4. "Cinnamon Waves" Shock G, Delina Dream, Ray Luv Brooks, Jacobs, Quitevis, Rodriguez, Tyson Shock G 4:38
5. "Holmedown Up" Shock G, Fifth Element, Clev MC, Java, Yukmouth Benson, Ellis, Figgs, Jacobs, Stanton Shock G 4:22
6. "Let's Go" Shock G, Trevel Jacobs, Robinson, White Shock G 4:10
7. "My Opinion" Shock G, Numskull Clay, Husbands, Jacobs Chris Clay 1:48
8. "Who's Clean" Shock G Jacobs Shock G 3:11
9. "Fear of a Mixed Planet" Shock G Dowdy, Jacobs, Robinson, Rodriguez Shock G 5:11
10. "Gotchoo" Shock G Jacobs Shock G 3:27
11. "The Rime in the Mochanut" Shock G Jacobs, McKinney Shock G 3:28
12. "Perfect Life" Shock G, Fifth Element Dowdy, Eastern, Jacobs, Russell Metaphysical 4:02
13. "We're All Killaz" Shock G Jacobs Shock G 6:21
14. "Baby You Okay?" Shock G Jacobs Shock G 2:15
15. "Sunshine Rime" Shock G, Mo, Delina Dream Jacobs, McRae Shock G 4:05
16. "Clev MC" Clev MC Figgs, Robinson D-Sharp 1:33
17. "Your Sun Iza Pimp" Shock G, Humpty Hump, K-Lien Baker, Brooks, Jacobs, Nunnally, Quitevis Shock G 5:21


  • Additional vocals performed by Jeriel Teel, Jason Petty, Quinton Wheaton, Gunther Burns, Marcus Rouse, Stephen Mills, Limo Lucciano, Ibo Rodriguez, Chill Will, BT, Fifth Element, Numskull and Money-B.
  • Track 1 features saxophone performed by Walter Davis, and mutes performed by Nommy Nom.
  • Track 2 features keys performed by Shock G, flute performed by Walter Davis, and saxophone performed by Walter Davis.
  • Track 4 features piano performed by Shock G, guitar performed by Kent Racker, additional sounds performed by Mathieu, and delays and splash effects performed by Ibo Rodriguez.
  • Track 7 features electric piano performed by Shock G.
  • Track 9 features drums performed by Dialect, and turntables performed by DJ D-Sharp.
  • Track 17 features turntables performed by DJ Q-Bert and DJ D-Sharp, and guitar performed by Kenya.

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