Studio album by MoRuf and Iman Omari


25 July 2012




Hip hop




Knxwledge, Ohbliv, Iman Omari

MoRuf chronology


Garden State of Mind: Ready to Live (2011)


Shades.of.Moo (2013)

Iman Omari chronology


Energy (2011)


(Vibe)rations (2013)

Euphoria is a collaborative album by MoRuf and Iman Omari, released in 2012 as a free download. The two met upon a recommendation from Omari's manager while MoRuf was recording his Shades.of.Moo album. They recorded two songs within a night, but MoRuf believed the songs were not suitable for his solo project, so they decided to record a separate collaborative album instead. Euphoria was made in a month.

The album features rapping by MoRuf and singing by Iman Omari. Omari also produces the majority of the album, with Knxwledge and Ohbliv producing one song each. Euphoria received positive reviews from Internet bloggers and was popular amongst underground hip hop circles. MoRuf and Iman Omari are in the process of recording a sequel to the album.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by MoRuf and Iman Omari.

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Euphoria (Intro)" MoRuf, Iman Omari Knxwledge 4:18
2. "Clutch!" MoRuf, Iman Omari Iman Omari 2:35
3. "SLY!" MoRuf, Iman Omari Iman Omari 2:48
4. "School Daze" MoRuf Iman Omari 2:40
5. "Fallen" Iman Omari Ohbliv 1:26
6. "Trevor (Badu Loops)" MoRuf 2:03
7. "Get Envolved" MoRuf, Iman Omari Iman Omari 3:26
8. "The Path" MoRuf, Iman Omari Iman Omari 4:23
9. "In the Groove (Outro)" MoRuf Iman Omari 2:46

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