Studio album by Iman Omari


28 November 2011




Hip hop, R&B, vibe




Iman Omari, THC

Iman Omari chronology


Euphoria (2012)

Energy is the debut album by American musician Iman Omari, released in 2011 as a free download. After having produced songs for artists such as Kendrick Lamar and OverDoz., Omari was convinced by friends to become his own artist. The album is produced and performed predominantly by Omari, but features two songs rapped by Good Joon of OverDoz. and additional production by THC

Energy was released with little promotion, but, as Omari stated in a 2012 interview, "a lot of beautiful things"[1] happened upon its release as a free download on Mediafire. It received positive reviews from critics, and helped to establish Omari as a notable producer in the underground West Coast hip hop scene.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Energy" Iman Omari Iman Omari 4:12
2. "Take Away" Iman Omari, Good Joon Iman Omari 3:39
3. "Midnight" Iman Omari Iman Omari, Rick Bricks (co.) 3:55
4. "You Make Me Smile with My Heart" Iman Omari Iman Omari 2:44
5. "First Time" Iman Omari, Good Joon Iman Omari, THC (co.) 5:06
6. "Worth It" Iman Omari Iman Omari, Axl Folie (co.) 2:54
7. "I'll Do Anything for You" Iman Omari Iman Omari 3:54
8. "Let Me" Iman Omari Iman Omari 3:34


  • Track 1 features trumpets performed by Josef Leimberg, and additional vocals performed by Hasani "Fitzroy" Joseph
  • Track 7 features trumpets performed by Josef Leimberg.
  • Track 8 features additional vocals performed by Gia Scott-Heron and Tiffany "T-GOOCH" Gouche.


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