Deeper Elevation
Deeper Elevation
Studio album by K-Rino


7 February 2012


Hip hop


Black Book International

K-Rino chronology


Southeast Southpark Revolution (2011)


80 Minute Eternity (2012)

Deeper Elevation is the eighteenth studio album by American rapper K-Rino, released in 2012 on Black Book International.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by K-Rino, except for "Hold On", performed by K-Rino and Astrid Nora.

No. Title
1. "Deeper Elevation"
2. "My Laughs"
3. "Hold On"
4. "The Champion"
5. "Thats How You Do It"
6. "No Redemption"
7. "Rain and Wind"
8. "No Fly Zone"
9. "Planet Exile"
10. "Meant to Be (Not)"
11. "Spiral Vortex"
12. "DJ DJ"
13. "Don't Stop"
14. "Knockin' Heads Off"
15. "Is This You"
16. "Pantheon"

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