De' 1
De' 1



Years active



Reprise (1993-1994)

Associated acts

K-Def, Lords of the Underground, Marley Marl, Sah-B, Scarface

De' 1, also known as Kid Deleon, is an American rapper. He made his debut in 1993 on the song "Flow On (New Symphony)" from Lords of the Underground's album Here Come the Lords, and was signed to Reprise Records. That same year, he put out the single "16 with a Bullet", which was released with an accompanying music video. The following year, his second single "True Homies" was released with a remix produced by Scarface. That same year, a promo copy of De 1's debut album Day One was released. However, the album was never officially released, and De' 1 faded into obscurity without releasing any additional material.


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