Da Youngsta's
Da Youngsta's

Also known as

ILLY Funkstaz


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop

Years active



EastWest (1991-1994)
Atlantic (1994)
Pop Art (1995-1996)

Associated acts

Steady B, Treach

Past members

  • Q-Ball
  • Reek Geez
  • Taj Mahal

Da Youngsta's was an American hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group consisted of brothers Taj Mahal and Q-Ball, and their cousin Reek Geez. The three were aged thirteen to fifteen when the group was established in 1991 as a project by producer Lawrence Goodman, who was the father of Taj Mahal and Q-Ball.

Da Youngsta's released four albums in four years, experiencing its greatest success with 1993's The Aftermath. The group broke up in 2001.


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