Studio album by Scientifik




1993-1994 at Battery Studios (New York City, New York), Calliope Studios (New York City, New York), Homeboy Studios (New York City, New York) and Waltz Studios (Boston, Massachusetts)


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, underground hip hop




Buckwild, Diamond D, DJ Shame, Ed O.G. (also exec.), Rhythm Nigga Joe, RZA, Scientifik

Scientifik chronology


The Most Blunted (1998)

Criminal is the debut studio album by American rapper Scientifik, released in 1994 on definite. The album features production from Diamond D, Buckwild, Ed O.G. and RZA. The album received minimal promotional support despite an all-star production team, and was not a commercial success. Few vinyl pressings were released, and Scientifik resulted to selling copies of the album out of his trunk around Massachusetts.

The album was rereleased in 2006 by Traffic Entertainment Group.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Lawtown" Scientifik Anderson, Behrmann Ed O.G. 3:42
2. "I Got Planz" Scientifik, Diamond D Behrmann, Kirkland Diamond D 3:19
3. "Jungles of da East" Scientifik Berhmann, Dinsdale Scientifik, DJ Shame 4:35
4. "Overnite Gangsta" Scientifik Behmann, Best Buckwild 2:47
5. "Yeah Daddy" Scientifik Behmann, Kirkland Diamond D 4:09
6. "Still An Herb Dealer" Scientifik Behmann, Mansfield Rhythm Nigga Joe 3:29
7. "As Long As You Know" Scientifik, Ed O.G. Anderson, Behmann, Diggs RZA 4:36
8. "Fallen Star" Scientifik Behmann, Best Buckwild 4:06
9. "Downlo Ho" Scientifik Behmann, Best Buckwild 3:47
10. "Criminal" Scientifik Behmann, Best Ed O.G. 3:47

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