Craig Mack
Craig Mack


10 May 1971 (age 45)
Trenton, New Jersey, United States


Brentwood, Long Island, New York, United States


Hip hop

Years Active



Bad Boy, Street Life

Associated acts

Busta Rhymes, Keith Murray, The Notorious B.I.G., Q-Tip

Craig Mack (born 10 May 1971) is an American rapper from Long Island, New York. He gained fame in the 1990s on Puff Daddy's label Bad Boy Records, mainly due to the success of his single "Flava in Ya Ear". The remix of the single featured the breakout appearance of The Notorious B.I.G., as well as one of the first solo appearances by Busta Rhymes. The release of Mack's debut album Project: Funk da World in 1994 was greatly overshadowed by the release of B.I.G.'s album Ready to Die, which was released one week earlier.

Although Puff Daddy mentioned in a 1994 interview on MTV's Yo! MTV Raps that he was working with Mack on his second album, this proved not to be the case, and Mack, who was present at the interview, appeared puzzled by the statement. Mack did release a second album, Operation: Get Down, in 1997 on another record label, but it did not have any charting singles and didn't do well commercially or critically. Craig Mack disappeared from the hip hop scene sometime after the release of the album.

Craig Mack currently resides in the Overcomer Ministry located in Walterboro, South Carolina.


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