Contemporary Jeep Music
Contemporary Jeep Music
Studio album by Da King & I


13 August 1993




Hip hop






Claude Austin (exec.), Dallas Austin (exec.), DJ Majesty, Izzy Ice, JFK

Contemporary Jeep Music is the debut album by American hip hop duo Da King & I, released in 1993 on Rowdy Records. The album was produced entirely by the duo, and performed by Izzy Ice with background vocals by DJ Majesty. The album produced three singles: "Flip da Scrip", "Tears", and "Krak da Weazel".

Although the album found some critical success, the album sold poorly and was a commercial failure. The duo disbanded shortly after the release of this album.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Majesty and co-produced by Izzy Ice, except for "Intro", co-produced by JFK. All songs written by I. Francois and R. Wiggins.

No. Track Time
1. "Contemporary Jeep Music" 1:15
2. "Let's Take a Trip" 3:08
3. "Flip da Scrip" 3:54
4. "MC Asshole" 0:34
5. "Krak da Weazel" 3:13
6. "Amusement Park" 4:05
7. "Brain 2 U" 4:01
8. "Tears" 4:03
9. "Soul Shack" 0:57
10. "Ghetto Instinct" 3:22
11. "Mr. All That" 3:41
12. "Jazz Skit" 0:20
13. "This Is How We Do" 3:53
14. "Izzy Sings da Blues" 0:50
15. "Lost My Mind" 3:43
16. "Represent" 3:13
17. "Crack da Weasel (Dat Other Shit)" 4:02
18. "What's Up Doc" 3:40