Compton Forever
Compton Forever
Studio album by Toddy Tee


21 March 1995


Hip hop, G-funk






Slice, Toddy Tee

Toddy Tee chronology


Living on the Edge of Insanity (The Life Album) (1992)

Compton Forever is the second studio album by American rapper Toddy Tee, released in 1995 on Thump Records. After the unsuccessful release of his 1992 debut Living on the Edge of Insanity (The Life Album), Toddy Tee moved from Pump Records to Thump and enlisted record producer Slice to produce the entirety of his new project. The album has a much shorter track listing and a more conventional West Coast hip hop sound than its predecessor.

A music video was made for the song "The Wanna Be Fool", and "Just No Good (I Can't Help Myself)" was released as a single. Compton Forever did not achieve much commercial success, and remains as Toddy Tee's final album. 

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Slice and co-produced by Toddy Tee.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Compton Forever" Toddy Tee 4:23
2. "Just No Good (I Can't Help Myself)" Toddy Tee 4:37
3. "Getting That Boogie On" Toddy Tee 3:24
4. "Don't Get Burned" Toddy Tee 4:35
5. "The Wanna Be Fool" Toddy Tee 4:14
6. "The C-Town Swang" Toddy Tee 4:22
7. "Another Chapter" Toddy Tee 4:26
8. "Black & Brown Pride" Toddy Tee, JV 4:23
9. "Back to the Old School" Toddy Tee, Mix Master Ken 5:47
10. "The Shaker" Toddy Tee 2:19

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