Can I Borrow a Dollar?
Can I Borrow a Dollar?
Studio album by Common Sense


6 October 1992


1991-1992 at Calliope Studios, Unique Studios and East Side Sound in New York City, New York


Hip hop






The Beatnuts, Immenslope, Peter Kang (exec.), Twilite Tone

Common chronology


Resurrection (1994)

Can I Borrow a Dollar? is the debut album by American rapper Common (then known as Common Sense), released in 1992 on Relativity Records. The album was predominantly produced by No I.D. (then known as Immenslope) and Twilite Tone, with one song being produced by labelmates The Beatnuts. It contains guest vocals by No I.D. and Common's then-girlfriend Rayshel. It was promoted with the release of three singles: "Take It EZ", "Breaker 1/9" and "Soul by the Pound".

Can I Borrow a Dollar? features Common's earlier style of rapping; a sing-songy and inflection-heavy vocal delivery of lyrics packed with word play and references to popular culture. The album's production, utilizing samples, keyboards and drum breaks, tends to be minimalistic, jazzy and laid back.

It was rated 3.5 mics in The Source magazine, with the review stating that "Common Sense has so many styles that he fails to establish any vocal continuity on the LP".[1] The album was unsuccessful commercially, and only sold 2,000 copies.[2]

Track listingEdit

All lyrics written by L. Lynn.

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "A Penny for My Thoughts" Common Immenslope 4:31
2. "Charms Alarm" Common Immenslope 4:23
3. "Take It EZ" Common 2 pc. DRK 4:08
4. "Heidi Hoe" Common The Beatnuts 4:02
5. "Breaker 1/9" Common Immenslope 4:02
6. "Two Scoops of Raisins" Common, Immenslope Immenslope 5:29
7. "No Defense" - Twilite Tone 1:14
8. "Blows to the Temple" Common Twilite Tone 4:41
9. "Just in the Nick of Rhyme" Common 2 pc. DRK 2:29
10. "Tricks Up My Sleeve" Common, Rayshel Immenslope 3:22
11. "Puppy Chow" Common Twilite Tone 4:00
12. "Soul by the Pound" Common Immenslope 4:20
13. "Pitchin' Pennies" Common Twilite Tone 1:59


  • 2 pc. DRK is a production team consisting of Immenslope and Twilite Tone.
  • All background vocals are performed by Twilite Tone.
  • Track 1 features keyboards performed by Lenny Underwood and bass guitar performed by Kenny Aaronson.
  • Track 3 features keyboards performed by Lenny Underwood and saxophone performed by Tony Orbach.
  • Track 6 features bass guitar performed by Kenny Aaronson.
  • Track 10 features keyboards performed by Lenny Underwood and bass guitar performed by Kenny Aaronson.
  • Track 11 features background vocals by Tarsha Jones.


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