Boxcar Sessions
Boxcar Sessions
Studio album by Saafir


10 May 1994


1993-1994 at Pajama Recording Studio (Oakland, CA)


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop




Qwest/Reprise/Warner Bros.


The Big Nose, J Groove, Jay-Z, Saafir (exec.), Sleuth (exec.)

Saafir chronology


Trigonometry (1998)

Boxcar Sessions is the debut album by American rapper Saafir, released in 1994 on Qwest Records. Production was handled by Hobo Junction members Jay-Z, J Groove and The Big Nose. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Grab the Train" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 1:21
2. "Swig of the Stew" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 3:58
3. "Poke Martian" - Jackson, Norris Jay-Z 0:52
4. "Playa Hayta" Saafir Carson, Gibson J Groove 3:36
5. "Pee Wee" - Gooden, Jackson Jay-Z 2:50
6. "Battle Drill" Saafir Carson, Gibson J Groove 3:58
7. "Westside" - - - 1:05
8. "Worship the "D"" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 4:05
9. "Light Sleeper" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 3:28
10. "Rashinel" Rashinel Alston, Trammel The Big Nose 1:34
11. "Can-U-Feel-Me?" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 3:50
12. "No Return (Goin' Crazy)" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 4:34
13. "Big Nose" The Big Nose Alston The Big Nose 3:28
14. "Just Riden'" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 3:39
15. "Hype Shit" Saafir Carson, Gibson, K-Top J Groove 2:53
16. "Real Circus" Saafir Gibson, Jackson Jay-Z 4:12
17. "Bent" Saafir Carson, Gibson J Groove 4:29
18. "The Instructor" - Jackson, Sharper Jay-Z 0:45
19. "Joint Custody" Saafir Carson, Gibson J Groove 4:01

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