Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

Birth name

Rajni Faulks


21 July 1975
Steubenville, Ohio, United States


Compton, California, United States


21 November 2006 (aged 31)
Compton, California, United States


Hip hop





Associated acts

Bloods & Crips, Tweedy Bird Loc

Rajni Faulks (21 July 1970 - 21 November 2006), better known by her stage names Bloody Mary and Nini X, was an American rapper from Steubenville, Ohio. She later moved to Compton, California, where she became affiliated with the Avenue Piru Gang and had strong ties with the East Side Fruit Town Piru Gang. Faulks was best known for being a member of the Bloods & Crips musical project, and was the only female member of the group. When she appeared on the single and music video for "Piru Love", she gained national attention.

In 1994, due to her success as a member of the Bloods & Crips, she released her first and only solo studio album, She's Dangerous. Her only other release was the 2003 compilation album Day of Resurrection, which features her Bloods & Crips appearances and songs from her album, as well as unreleased songs.

On 18 November 2006, Faulks was riding her motorcycle in Compton when she was hit by a truck driven by a man trying to flee from the police. As a result, she was placed into a braindead state and her life support was subsequently pulled three days later.


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