Big Boss
Big Boss

Also known as



Houston, Texas, United States




Hip hop, Southern hip hop


Record producer, DJ


Power Move

Associated acts

4 Deep, The Funky Products, Hyjnx, O.G. Style, R.C.U.

Big Boss was an American hip hop record producer from Houston, Texas. He was a well-respected producer and DJ, and is considered a pioneer of the Texas hip hop scene.

Boss began his career as the DJ and producer for Original E as the duo O.G. Style, and they released their debut album I Know How to Play 'Em! on Rap-A-Lot Records in 1991. When the duo split up, Boss formed the group 4 Deep, with whom he would release four albums. Boss also produced for groups such as R.C.U., Hyjnx and The Funky Products. In 2000, he released the album Respect Due, which was self-produced and featured guest appearances from South Park Mexican and 4 Deep, amongst others.

Boss passed away due to kidney failure in 2006. 


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