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Bassmint Productions
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Bassmint Productions


Man-Ix, The Rest of Bassmint Prod.

Bassmint Productions chronology


Steppin' on to the Scene (1990)

Bassmint Productions is the debut EP by American hip hop group Bassmint Productions, released in 1990 independently by the group. The EP was only issued on cassette in a limited press-run, and has six songs: M&M and Chaos Kid perform three songs each. It was one of three EPs released by the group that year.

Bassmint Productions, like all of the group's other albums, is now extremely rare and in high demand from Eminem collectors. Copies are very expensive, although they rarely go on sale.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Man-Ix and The Rest of Bassmint Prod..

No. Title
The M&M Tracks
1. "Smoke Crack on the Mic"
2. "Passing Out Concussion"
3. "Don't Chew with Your Mouth Full"
The Chaos Tracks
4. "Change the Station"
5. "Chaos (Skit)"
6. "Stay in the Darkness"

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